At Gotham Stages we offer a range of different event packages for all your party, celebrations, fashion shows, music concerts, you name it – we host it.

The rental rate of the space covers 16 hours, including load in/set up, event, breakdown/load out. Guest curfew is midnight. Caterers and vendor curfew is 2:00 AM. If you wish to have your guests occupy the space beyond 12:00 AM, an overtime rate of $1,500/hour shall be incurred. 4am is the latest curfew. Outdoor music curfew is 10pm.
Pyrotechnics, sparklers, flower petals, confetti, rice, smoke machines in the venue or on the property / surrounding streets are not permitted. All candles must be contained in a votive holder. Any decor attached to the venue walls must be done without nails, screws, or staples. Tape or other adhesives may not be used on the walls and floors of The Bordone LIC. An additional labor fee of $350/set will apply if you request to move the two sets of furniture from the Penthouse to the Main Space or have them removed altogether.
Client’s Caterer/Vendors are responsible for clean up at the end of the event. This includes: (1) all floors in the kitchen and main space are swept and mopped, (2) all catering trash is bagged and deposited in our basement receptacles, (3) all kitchen appliances including inside the refrigerator/freezer and tables are cleaned, (4) all food is removed from refrigerators/freezers/sinks, (5) Both dressing rooms are cleared of all rentals and trash, (6) all Bordone furniture and tables are returned to their original placement by the wait staff, (7) All rental pieces (excluding tent) broken down and stacked neatly in the main space for pick up at the end of the event. If this is not done when the Client’s caterer leaves, it will incur an additional cleanup charge.
Rental fee includes disposal of reasonable amounts of cartage. Any large decorations must be removed by client or client’s Caterer/Vendors, or it may incur an additional cartage fee. If the client does not remove items within one week following their event, items will be removed and disposed of.

Please see below for some video and photo examples of events hosted at our space:

I Know A Place – AnomalusAnn
An immersive music spectacle, specially curated to embrace the senses and take you to a place of serenity….?
Visual Artist Bernice Gonzalez Bofill | Soprano Isabela Bendik | Pianist Ac Jones | Photographer Hunter Moran
Special thanks to Neuman’s Kitchen – Events & Catering for the delicious food

Open House / Networking Event at Gotham Stages

Private Party at Gotham Stages

Gotham Stages Launch Party 2014

Mixed Events Hosted at Gotham Stages

Preston Bailey’s 70th Birthday Party – Immersive Event

“The Journey” – Immersive Event

Collaborative Dreams – Anomalus Audio-Visual Event

“Roaring 20’s” – Immersive Event

Bloc Party – Immersive Event

Collaborative Dreams – Anomalus Audio-Visual Event

“I Know A Place” – Immersive Live Music Event

Anomalus – Immersive Live Music Event

Dinner In The Woods – Immersive Event

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