At Gotham Stages we offer a range of different event packages for all your party, celebrations, fashion shows, music concerts, you name it – we host it.

Basic Package
– Space rental (5,500 sq feet)
– Anytime between 8am and 2am (other times fees apply)
– Basic House Lighting
– Basic House Sound
– Hard costs not included in basic package (Trash, Electric, Staff, Extras, Caterer, DJ etc)

Premium Event Audio with DJ Rig with technician included
Premium Event Lighting with technician included
Immersive Projection with Stock Content with technician included
Immersive Projection with Custom Video content with technician included

Immersive Experience
Large scale immersive projections tailored your chosen theme.
“Transport guests anywhere without having to get out of their seat.”

– Venue Rental anytime for 12 Hours
– Custom Video Content for Immersive Projection Mapping, Holograms,
Interactive Video Bar, and Interactive Floor Projections.
– Gobo’s
– Event Lighting, Event Audio, and Immersive Projections all come with Technicians.
– (1) Security Guard (4) Hours *1 Security Guard Required Per 50 Guests
– (1) Attendant *1 Attendant Required Per 50 Guests
– Clean Up Crew *After Event
– (1) Yard Of Trash Removal Included *$75 Per Yard

NOTE: Ticketed Events at the door at not permitted.

NOTE: Main Area with Video / Projections can only hold 100
seat guest – more room available in adjacent room.

Please see below for some video and photo examples of events hosted at our space:

I Know A Place – AnomalusAnn
An immersive music spectacle, specially curated to embrace the senses and take you to a place of serenity….🔮
Visual Artist Bernice Gonzalez Bofill | Soprano Isabela Bendik | Pianist Ac Jones | Photographer Hunter Moran
Special thanks to Neuman’s Kitchen – Events & Catering for the delicious food

Open House / Networking Event at Gotham Stages

Private Party at Gotham Stages

Gotham Stages Launch Party 2014

Mixed Events Hosted at Gotham Stages

Preston Bailey’s 70th Birthday Party – Immersive Event

“The Journey” – Immersive Event

Collaborative Dreams – Anomalus Audio-Visual Event

“Roaring 20’s” – Immersive Event

Bloc Party – Immersive Event

Collaborative Dreams – Anomalus Audio-Visual Event

“I Know A Place” – Immersive Live Music Event

Anomalus – Immersive Live Music Event

Dinner In The Woods – Immersive Event

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