Space For Rent

Gotham Stages boasts 10,000 sq. ft. of studio space that can be rented as a whole or broken up into over 4 separate spaces.

The main studio features a 25 FT x 50 FT Full Cyclorama wall and 17-foot eye beam ceilings, as well as wide ranging and revolving concrete textured floors and walls throughout.

Around the main Cyclorama stage, is an additional 5000 square feet of wide open studio and event space, flanked by roll up garage doors and loading docks on the perimeter.



Gotham Stages is zoned as a level one qualified film production facility and film and photo studio.

Drive-in access is available via flatbeds and roll up garage doors, which overlook a tremendous outdoor parking lot and the massive rooftop is also complete with a beautiful view of Manhattan.

Other locations such as a private office, enclosed sets, iron staircases, hallways, various loft spaces, and numerous artist studio spaces are possible throughout the property.




Located a stone throw away from Manhattan and Long Island City and in the well known film and photography epicenter of Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York and known for their variety, vendor relationships, and inspiration, as well as their convenience, customer service and hospitality.




With Clients Such As…Balenciaga, Hermes, Prada, Christian Dior, Preston Bailey Design, Chanel, Bergdorf Goodman, Alexander McQueen, MTV, HBO, Disney, Motorola, Mercedes Benz, Warner Bros, Ritz Carlton Hotels, LVMH Group, Burberry, DKNY, New York Times, Coca Cola…




AND with the likes of…

Marc Jacobs, Uma Thurman, Lady Gaga, Tina Fey, James Patterson, Lil Kim, Victoria Beckham, Oscar de la Renta…





10,000 SF of Interior Rental Space

Three Guest Bathrooms

One Full Bathroom with Shower

Private Office and WiFi

Drive-in access and Loading Docks

Located 0.4 miles walking distance from the G train

25FT x 50FT Cyclorama

Blackout Capability

Film, fashion and Photography

27 West Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222



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Date: March 7, 2014


Guests were energized by the amazing transformation of Gotham Stages from a bare studio to a complete fashion oasis.

Hors D’oeuvres, a ‘highlight’ fashion show and hair, makeup and nail stations adorned the space.

Projection mapped lighting and a custom built runway and stage along with branded interactive bars were also part of the decor.

Models and business owners gathered to get ready for the bigger event a week later at Industry City.

This event was so grand on its’ own, it seemed hard to compete, but the FWB group did SUCH a fantastic job at Industry City as well!

Thanks to Levy Lighting NYC and Creative NYC for all of their hard work on this and many other Gotham events.